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So, it's been a while...

2010-03-15 04:19:06 by HTID

Try 2 and a half years.... Long time between blogs, huh?

I don't even know what to fucking say here, with the amount of random and funny stories I've got to tell between the Oktoberfest 07 incident and now...

I'll guess I'll make it easy for myself and put it out there that I'll try not to let too many momentous/epic events go "un-blogged" especially as most of my stories these days involve late nights, alcohol and Kings Cross.

P.S. For those who aren't from Sydney, a little FYI: Kings X is fucking awesome and is the place to be on a Friday/Saturday night, whether you want to go to a club, or to a strip joint.

P.P.S. For those of you in Australia, can't wait for Underbelly 3.

P.P.P.S. Peace. Out.


OktoberFest 07

2007-10-02 03:17:39 by HTID

Couldn't be bothered for a novel. Here are the night's highlights.


#1 Shot glass tower that fell on some drunken Germans head

: lolcount: +1

#2 Spent $5 on an awesome plastic air horn.

#3 Spent half an hour practising and using my "trumpet mating" call.

#4 Blew into my airhorn until my ears popped. Drunk Austrian bitch says, "Shove it up your ass mate"

#6 Blew into a big black cunt's ear. With my air horn of course.

: lolcount: +3

#7 Won a bracelet. Fell apart when I shook my mates hand. Opening lines of conversation "You broke my fucking bracelet, cunt"

: lolcount: +1

And, #8.... I'll let SMS post the story, for the shame of it haunts me.

: P.P.P.S Goodbye my lovers, Goodbye my friends.

We own Wetherill.

2007-08-18 08:04:12 by HTID

Epic Day.

SpeedMetalSandwich and I met up and fucked around his suburb for a bit. He was longboarding and I agreed to take a scooter, seeing as I would rather keep my limbs intact by not riding a skateboard. Started off for long ass ride into industrial area, only to find the location we seeked was closed on a Saturday. So we headed back when we went past a McDonald's. Nearing lunchtime, I decided to head over and get some lunch.

Being the lazy cunt I am, I thought walking in and waiting would require too much effort. Being the genius, yet slightly retarded person I am, I decided to use the drive-thru. On my scooter. Hilarity ensues.

Naturally, I was expecting for some geeky teenage manager to come out, and say that it is against policy to do what I was doing. But, alas, I was wrong. The charming young lady served me as a normal customer, and we even shared a few laughs at the situation. As I went to the next window to collect my food, there seemed to be an issue. "Um, how are you ging to hold it all sir" I had ordered a large McChicken meal, and using my two hands on the scooter, they didn't have faith that I could hold a bag of food and a drink. They were wrong. I managed and left the drive thru in one of the largest fits of laughter I had in a long time.

After that, SMS attempted doing the same thing at Red Rooster. 'Cept they didn't let him order thrugh the speakerbox, so he skated around to he front and ordered from the counter. Slightly annoyed at the whole "not ale to order at speakerbox" event, he faked an order and asked for a large bucket of chicken, as you would expect from KFC not Red Rooster. That was good for a laugh.

After this, he took his longboard, and I took the camera, and we went into the fruit shop. He found empty aisles and skated down them with ease. Very funny look from Asian checkout chook, utI din't care.

Now, for your pure entertainment, SMS an I got it all on camera, and once the video conversion is complete, I'll link you to YouTube to truly make this news post pure win.

And here it is ladies and gentlemen, thanks to SMS for editing etc.

Cruising Wetherill

Goodbye my lovers, goodbye my friends.


2007-08-15 08:37:35 by HTID

Just my way of saying, Happy Clock Day for 07, fellow Newgrounders.

Now let's go build up our protection points in the Portal.

P.S. I'm going for two levels in one night regarding b/p ranks.


2007-07-21 07:36:06 by HTID

In Progress With SpeedMetal.